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Patch V1.0.5

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Legion: The Eternal War | Patch V1.0.5

- Networking and latency issues this week.
- Ai animals are now dropping raw meat on death.
- Health bar is now showing & hit boxes are improved.
- AI has improved sight detection and will group together.
- Night time is featuring spawning creatures.
- City level design features updated.
- Key binding regarding the building features has been updated to the E key.
- Portals were added to connect the city & parkour.
- Building system has been connected to the inventory system.
- Fireball accuracy has been updated.
- Resources are now respawning after some time.
- Changing the combat sound.
- Removed the website redirection when closing the game.
- Door interactions were reworked.
- Disabling the game input when having the game open & much more.


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