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Patch V1.1.0

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Today we released a new patch with the following changes

  •          Added intro quest
  •          Added player leveling system. The player can now earn stat points. To see this, open your character window by pressing "C"
  •          Added spell upgrades with experience
  •          Improved the camera collision in small spaces
  •          Added “Energy Strike” spell
  •          Level design updates
  •          Fixed the free fall bug
  •          Opened all gates in the main cities
  •          Added portals to traverse multiple areas. The portals can be found in every city
  •          Added spell book. The spell book can be opened by pressing “T”
  •          Added quest log. The quest log can be opened by pressing “P”


      Please also take a look at the "Game Bugs" Thread where a list with all the current known bugs will be posted.

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