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Scheduled Re-launch 7/16/20

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Welcome, Thanks for being here! Please visit the main website here! You may also download the game by visiting here! 
Please join our discord to keep in touch with the developers by clicking this link! 

Legion: The Eternal War has been undergoing many improvements these past weeks and we will soon be ready to relaunch to the public. We encourage you to check out our latest update on launch day and happily look forward to frequent weekly updates from here forward! 
The details of this release will be as follows:

- Improved networking infrastructure

As many of you already know we have had some issues with Unreal Engine's default dedicated server and experienced some issues while trying to sustain healthy server hosting. We have now solved this issue and from here forward the game foundation should remain rock solid. 

- The game scope has been reduced

We have simplified the game for the sake of ensuring its design is more concentrated which goes to say that while, yes we do have big plans for this title, we will be chipping away one feature at a time until we are ready as a community to add more to the game. With your support and feedback we can determine when that time will come. 

- Twenty-four Seven servers

We have now been approved by our Third-party hosting that we can go live 24/7 for the purpose of growing our development and allowing you the ability to jump into the game when you want and test our latest patches. Previously we had certain times when the server was online and that seemed to bring some issues regarding players in different time-zones, this is now solved. 

- Game Features

When you last played Legion: The Eternal War you may of noticed there was not a whole lot to do or explore, since we've had some down-time we have reconfigured the game and some of its features. You will now have some available quests, leveling & stats, items with modifications, AI creatures and more. We plan to release Weekly Updates every Thursday 3 PM EST in order to satisfy the community and complete the game sooner. 

- The Importance of you participating 

We are a smaller team trying to make big things happen. We are looking to grow, improve and scale this game into the heavily saturated video game industry. We want your support in terms of game design in order to make Legion: The Eternal War the best possible version of itself that it could possibly become. Our movements means everything to us and we hope that you become a part of this development by lending your support directly to the team. We dearly appreciate the support we've received so far and we hope that it continues as we move forward.

Thanks again and we hope to see you in the fields of Rhyfell soon! 

- Cody 

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