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Patch V1.1.0 Bug list

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This is a list with all the currently known bugs in the game. If you encounter any bugs that are not listed here, please leave a comment below and describe the problem as accurately as possible! You may include a screenshot, too. To make a screenshot, just press your Windows key + print while showing the bug. You can find the screenshot in your pictures folder located in C:\Users\<your name>\Pictures\Screenshots. Your feedback is valuable to us!


• Many NPCs and AI do not spawn as intended.
• Fireball spell is missing the shooting animation however it is still hitting the targeted location and dealing damage.
• Fireball & Bow seem to be very strong in comparison to other attacks like melee and energy strike.
• The crosshair for the bow is slightly off-center
• Bow arrows are very large up close
• Walking back and forth with the bow drawn sometimes causes animation problems
• While having the bow equipped, clicking LMB once triggers the "drawing back" animation and gets stuck there until LMB is pressed again
• The spells "Invisibility" and "Energy Strike" are not showing up in their appropriate registers
• Spell level resets on death
• The building system is working for foundation & plot post but nothing else. Also there is no way to cancel the building system once you have selected it (A possible solution is to interact with the plot post)
• Buildings (Wooden Foundation) can not be placed right next to each other
• When placing an object while in building mode, the attack animation is triggered
• Light is affecting the character doll in the equipment window and compromises the appearance during daytime only
• Many NPCs and AI are missing on the map
• At some point the player may lose control over certain character movements. A death fixed this issue
• "Survive one night in the game" is not completing
• Night time is too bright
• Some trees are overlapping pathways outside major cities
• Inventory item text does not update when switching items quickly
• Quests seem to disappear from the right hand side after death
• Shield is not working for blocking attacks
• When in the Settings screen, scrolling further on list (up or down) automatically switches scrolling to zoom or unzoom of the camera
• Chat with long messages can cause an issue and may not show up properly until another message appears in chat

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