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Patch V1.0.8

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Legion: The Eternal War | Patch V1.0.8

Spatial-OS has been integrated - Company Website
Spatial-OS is now our new solution towards a stable and reliable server back-end. Many of you have experienced some of our weekly server tests which have resulted in poor server stabilization and frequent issues that caused a mixed group of problems, Spatial-OS is the solution and we have already confirmed that the servers are functioning flawlessly at this point.

Nexus Division has partnered with Xsolla - Company Website
Xsolla is a business which will be handling Nexus Divisions distribution method & all sale transactions, with this movement we are officially leaving the original partnership with Steam and we will be using the Xsolla launcher & updater to promote our weekly updates. We will be releasing the launcher on our websites homepage for everyone to access. 

The Game updates
- Game Design and scope has been reduced for the purpose of our early development. You as a community member will be helping to contribute towards designing the game from this foundation and demo plan. We will continue to work with the community every week to ensure that we consider your input. This allows you as a backer of our project to influence our design with your feedback. 

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