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    Legion: The Eternal War Launcher - Please Sign-in to download!!
  2. Welcome! Legion: The Eternal War will be back online once again for backers to play, test and provide feedback. We are now offering a pre-release version of the game during Alpha which will be online each weekend. (time zone UTC-6) Friday 10AM - 5PM Saturday 1PM - 8PM Sunday 3PM - 10PM Once Legion has left the Alpha stage of development then we will begin hosting 24/7 servers for continued testing. During Alpha we will be reviewing feedback from our community and based on the results we will releasing consistent new patches each Thursday. This is why we differentiate ourselves from other crowdfunding development companies, we bring the testing now and implement the feedback right away for quick results. The speed of our development will be very quick if we receive the support and money which we need in order to grow and dedicate our full efforts. The game for now, will be offered free and donations or support towards the development will be completely up to you. Later once we reach a larger community then we will restrict game access to closed beta and a Digital Copy of Legion The Eternal War will have to be purchased from our Crowdfunding Page. Thank you for all your support!
  3. DrDisRepect has a few words for upcoming game developers. What do you think about his thoughts towards game development? More importantly, what do you want from game developers?
  4. Welcome! Considering Legion follows suite with other survival games, I thought I would share a video to bring some discussion towards the game Rust. I want to know what you think of Rust and how we could possibly avoid or implement particular game design features. One example of a design feature I personally dislike would be that the game offers too high of a risk / reward system... Which means the loss of all your hard earned progress can be taken away in just a few moments and given to another player. What do you think of the building system in Rust? What about Rusts combat system? Anything worth mentioning? Lets hear it!
  5. V 1.0.7 - This week we updated the overall performance - Working on the Skyfall issue - AI system has a bunch of new features & new animations - Dragons & Griffins added - Main Menu visuals updated - Added new sounds and animations for the main menu & much more
  6. V 1.0.6 - The level design has been improved for both the main menu & in game - Added the Bow - AI animals have now received optimizations and are now dropping more items on death - Visual appearance of portals have been updated which have increased performance - Added custom mouse cursor - Hiding and showing mouse when using the user interface - Two handed weapons are integrated into the inventory system - Animation system received improvements & much more
  7. V 1.0.5 - Networking and latency issues this week - Ai animals are now dropping raw meat on death - Health bar is now showing & hit boxes are improved - AI has improved sight detection and will group together - Night time is featuring spawning creatures - City level design features updated - Key binding regarding the building features has been up[dated to the E key - Portals were added to connect the city & par core - Building system has been connected to the inventory system - Fireball accuracy has been updated - Resources are now respawning after some time - changing the combat sound - removed the website redirection when closing the game - Door interactions were reworked - disabling the game input when having the game open & much more.
  8. V 1.0.4 - Level design of the cities - Day & night received an update and is now properly replicated across the network - This weeks update you will encounter creatures and animal AI which is killable in the forest - We have added equipment items to the inventory such as helmets a cloak and others - The ESC menu interface received a big update - Modified the heal spell effect & updated the icon - Updated the Tool-tip design - Ability improvements - Project clean up Please feel free to comment below.
  9. Here is just a small video which displays some basic mechanics, interface and shows some of the demo assets we are using to create the world. Hope you enjoy
  10. We have remade our original video which helps describe the story-line of Legion: The Eternal War. We hope you all enjoy the video and feel free to comment below any thoughts or suggestions
  11. Here is a concept which could avoid the use of stat points & leveling.
  12. Hello, Nexus Division is aiming to involve the community into all of our design processes for the game. We want to allow you the chance to help dictate the direction of the game and have a strong voice in all of our major decisions before we program the game too far. Please choose from the following choices in the poll above & based on the results we will open another poll with more detailed questions or close the poll completely. Please make comments and suggestions below and we will edit the poll questions / answers accordingly. Here is a link to the Alternative for the stat system.
  13. Legion: The Eternal War | Patch V1.0.8 Spatial-OS has been integrated - Company Website Spatial-OS is now our new solution towards a stable and reliable server back-end. Many of you have experienced some of our weekly server tests which have resulted in poor server stabilization and frequent issues that caused a mixed group of problems, Spatial-OS is the solution and we have already confirmed that the servers are functioning flawlessly at this point. Nexus Division has partnered with Xsolla - Company Website Xsolla is a business which will be handling Nexus Divisions distribution method & all sale transactions, with this movement we are officially leaving the original partnership with Steam and we will be using the Xsolla launcher & updater to promote our weekly updates. We will be releasing the launcher on our websites homepage for everyone to access. The Game updates - Game Design and scope has been reduced for the purpose of our early development. You as a community member will be helping to contribute towards designing the game from this foundation and demo plan. We will continue to work with the community every week to ensure that we consider your input. This allows you as a backer of our project to influence our design with your feedback.
  14. Legion: The Eternal War | Patch V1.0.7 - This week we updated the overall performance. - Working on the Skyfall issue. - AI system has a bunch of new features & new animations. - Dragons & Griffins added. - Main menu visuals updated. - Added new sounds and animations for the main menu & much more
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