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    The situation: Our company Nexus Division has been undergoing many internal changes regarding the game development. Our members have been very quiet as we have been working with our heads down to iron out many of the issues we have experienced along the way. Many of you who have been with us for some time now know that we have had some issues relating to reliable server hosting and some small glitches upon joining the game. We have been preparing our game to accept testers once again and we are very close to releasing the updated game built on the new networking platform called SpatialOS. This third-party software will be handling our server back end and allow us to officially host a 24/7 dedicated server which will be subject to weekly updates. What has the Nexus Division team be working towards this whole time? Nexus Division has been improving our website & forums which are being designed to present our video games information in a very clear and understandable way. This has changed from the past because we have not really used our forums and the website was very rough around the edges. Nexus Division has now partnered with Xsolla which makes it possible to handle our transactions in a professional way, this new partnership will allow the game to handle micro-transactions and automatically release backer keys to those who purchase. Additional to the financial support we have now prepared our own launcher built on the Xsolla platform, this means we will be leaving Steam for good & backers will receive updates from the launcher every Thursday once we release it. The new spatialOS will make it possible to do live testing with backers once again and this time we will be providing a 24/7 server so you can join and test the game at a time which is more convenient for you. Previously we had specific testing times and that proved to be ineffective for many of our community members. We thank everyone who has been patient with our development, we also welcome you if this is your first time reviewing our development. Looking forward to meeting you all and growing this community in order to deliver you a desired game you've been waiting for! Thank you for reading, Cody
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