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  3. This is a list with all the currently known bugs in the game. If you encounter any bugs that are not listed here, please leave a comment below and describe the problem as accurately as possible! You may include a screenshot, too. To make a screenshot, just press your Windows key + print while showing the bug. You can find the screenshot in your pictures folder located in C:\Users\<your name>\Pictures\Screenshots. Your feedback is valuable to us! • Many NPCs and AI do not spawn as intended. • Fireball spell is missing the shooting animation however it is still hitting the ta
  4. Welcome! Legion: The Eternal War will be back online once again for backers to play, test and provide feedback. We are now offering a pre-release version of the game during Alpha which will be online 24/7 and updated every weekend This is why we differentiate ourselves from other crowdfunding development companies, we bring the testing now and implement the feedback right away for quick results. The speed of our development will be much quicker if we receive the support and money which we need in order to grow and dedicate our full efforts. The game for now, will be offered free an
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