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  2. Legion: The Eternal War is a community driven game and with your support we can work together in-order to make the game the best version it could possibly become. We are doing things a little differently here compared to traditional crowdfunded games. Our development allows you to participate from the very beginning without delay. You can download Legion: The Eternal War right now and get involved with our dev team by submitting your feedback today. We will be reviewing player feedback on a consistent basis in order to create the next patch for the upcoming week. Please use this forum to write detailed information about what you enjoy and dislike from our alpha testing. We will be working with you one on one to make the necessary changes. Thanks for you support! Play today! https://www.legioneternalwar.com/download/10240/
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  4. Welcome, Thanks for being here! Legion: The Eternal War has been undergoing many improvements these past weeks and we will soon be ready to relaunch to the public. We encourage you to check out our latest update on launch day and happily look forward to frequent weekly updates from here forward! The details of this release will be as follows: - Improved networking infrastructure As many of you already know we have had some issues with Unreal Engine's default dedicated server and experienced some issues while trying to sustain healthy server hosting. We have now solved this issue and from here forward the game foundation should remain rock solid. - The game scope has been reduced We have simplified the game for the sake of ensuring its design is more concentrated which goes to say that while, yes we do have big plans for this title, we will be chipping away one feature at a time until we are ready as a community to add more to the game. With your support and feedback we can determine when that time will come. - Twenty-four Seven servers We have now been approved by our Third-party hosting that we can go live 24/7 for the purpose of growing our development and allowing you the ability to jump into the game when you want and test our latest patches. Previously we had certain times when the server was online and that seemed to bring some issues regarding players in different time-zones, this is now solved. - Game Features When you last played Legion: The Eternal War you may of noticed there was not a whole lot to do or explore, since we've had some down-time we have reconfigured the game and some of its features. You will now have some available quests, leveling & stats, items with modifications, AI creatures and more. We plan to release Weekly Updates every Thursday 3 PM EST in order to satisfy the community and complete the game sooner. - The Importance of you participating We are a smaller team trying to make big things happen. We are looking to grow, improve and scale this game into the heavily saturated video game industry. We want your support in terms of game design in order to make Legion: The Eternal War the best possible version of itself that it could possibly become. Our movements means everything to us and we hope that you become a part of this development by lending your support directly to the team. We dearly appreciate the support we've received so far and we hope that it continues as we move forward. Thanks again and we hope to see you in the fields of Rhyfell soon! - Cody
  5. This World Awaits You!
  6. Cody

    Concept Rift

    Portals will play an important role in player travel and questing.
  7. We have a unique take on blood suckers actually that we think you’ll like!
  8. Cody

    Concept City Guard

    Neutral character guarding a city or fort!
  9. Cody

    Concept Dark Mage

    Another magic user, using corrupt and forbidden spells!
  10. A fortress with some bone elements from a barbaric culture!
  11. Cody

    The King And Queen

    We won’t spoil the involvement in the workings of Rhyfell but these are tragic members of the royal court.
  12. A training ground for humans to upgrade skills and some have dungeons where you can see what lurks beneath.
  13. Initially we are building out our starter cultures and the concepts get pretty unique.
  14. Cody

    High Elves

    You always need royalty. Eleven clans have different powers, beliefs, and fashion.
  15. While we won’t spoil anything, we really love blood magic!
  16. Cody

    Concept Elite Warriors

    Originally we named a clan Varoth, before they developed into something different. These are a nomadic and barbaric group that you might encounter in rugged mountain terrain.
  17. Different buildings you’ll find around Rhyfell!
  18. The Varoth are one of the strangest creatures in Rhyfell with a large lore background. They are a mixture of plant and aquatic animal, as we fine tune our groups we are developing background stories and entire worlds that lead to them developing.
  19. Cody

    Concept Elven Weapons

    Weather you want to stab, claw, or murder your opponent. Different groups have a way different feel. Concept Elden Sword Some items will have lore, abilities, and stories behind them. Concept Elvish Claw While building our world, we are experimenting with different weapon types. These might not make it into the game but you can be sure both traditional and unique weapons will be seen. Concept Elvish Hunting Knife Some bone, some metal, and some anger and you can make a nice stabby mc stab knife. Concept Battle Axe In building our own universe, some items will seem familiar to a known world culture while others will be completely foreign and strange. Concept Double Knife Staff Two knifes, it’s got to be more effective! Concept Rift Bow In the rift exist all manner of twisted horrors, you might find one of these night bone and flesh weapons. Interesting fact, intestines make terrible bow strings. Concept Rift Quiver Don’t even ask what the quiver smells like... Concept Elvish Katar Another unique weapons design. Concept Elden Crystal Sword Not just another sword!
  20. Cody

    Concept Grey Wolf

    Beware the beasts roaming around Rhyfell. Animals can produce fur, leather, and cotton to help you create more outfits.
  21. Craft your armor or loot the people you slay!
  22. Guilds aren’t all the same and upon building one you can head toward classic capitalism or build yourself into a mighty warlord. The experiences, benefits, and strategies of guilds differ but it still rotates around Eternal War.
  23. Cody

    Concept Elf Archer

    Who doesn’t love a good bow fight?
  24. Cody

    Concept Elf Mage

    Magic in Rhyfell is very different and somewhat limited compared to other universes. The magic comes from the Rift and has not always existed in the land. As such, mages are not an ancient group but a newer people learning to use power that’s only existed for decades.
  25. Cody

    Concept Elf Warrior

    Our starting races have different skills and classes, these are developed through in game use rather than a traditional skill-tree with point values. That allows a blacksmith to get better naturally and for roleplay to exist.
  26. In Legion, you will find yourself lost in our war torn world, forced to defend, fight and conquer the land. Unlike other PvP games we will be investing heavily into PvE so it feels like a living breathing world. We don’t want to emulate the frustration of survival games, rather we are focusing on a PvP war which rewards our players for winning and punishes the losers for losing while keeping you feeling good when you are in game and out. Elven Army Human Army
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